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Renmark Primary School (RPS) has a high quality, dedicated staff. We believe that all children are competent, rich in potential and can demonstrate their progress in many ways. At RPS our students set their own learning goals based on their progress and evidence provided by the teachers. This approach means everyone is on the same page regarding where a student is at with their learning and what the next step for them is.

From the Principal

We are a very welcoming school that prides itself on being inclusive and caring for all students and families. Our values, combined with learner dispositions of persistence, curiosity and self-management, underpin a rich and stimulating learning environment, where students are challenged across all curriculum areas through delivery of rigorous and responsive learning programmes, developed collaboratively with highly dedicated and skilled staff. We use evidence-based approaches to learning that are differentiated to meet individual needs.  

Our students set and monitor individual goals against English and Maths criteria with a deep focus on being able to strategize and solve problems. We set high targets for reading so that when students move on to high school, they have the fundamental skills to become critical analysers of highly complex texts.

Student wellbeing is an essential part of ensuring children are engaged with school and their learning – In 2021 we entered into The Resilience Project Programme, developed by Hugh van Cuylenburg, with an emphasis on finding happiness through gratitude, empathy and mindfulness (GEM).  A wonderful start to each morning is ‘Care and Connect’ time where teachers spend dedicated time with their students to build positive and supportive relationships and build students’ sense of belonging to our school community.

An onsite playgroup, strong connections with the Renmark Preschool and very well supported transitions for students moving to high school, all strengthen the education for our children.

We are proud of our beautiful facilities and ground comprising a large gymnasium used for specialist PE lessons, school assemblies and special performances; an amazing library that is extremely well resourced; 2 purpose built Science rooms utilised by specialist Science educators; and excellent access to IT across all year levels including mini Ipads, laptops and two computer rooms.

I encourage prospective families to come and take a tour and book in to talk about what Renmark Primary can offer your child/ren.

~ Lyn Bretag – Principal

What's the beat at RPS?

Please take some time to view our new promotional film, showcasing some of the amazing work going on at Renmark Primary.

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